Found in the roman villa of Capo di Massa, located in Villazzano. The elegant style and the fine decorations ore those loved by the Romans. The frame is decorated with flowers showing the naturalistic taste of the Hellenic age. This marble bas-relief of the sacrifice to Diana was found together with three more showing a procession of satyrs, a triumph of Bacchus and a sanctuary entitled to Cibele.

The central figure of goddess lies on a rock, surrounded by a group of hunters thanking Diana with the sacrifice of a hog for a successful hunting. By using the drill to render the chiaroscuro of the rock, spaces, volumes, fígures, clothing and poses are very well expressed. 

The technique is that of the Hadrian age. The well defined faces ore in profile, the busts in 3/4 view or in front view, the legs are showed in different poses. In the background are some trees in very low relief. The relieves were made to decorate the walls of one of the saloon inside the villa that once was praised by the poet Stazio in his Silvae because of its marvellous location and the luxurious fittings.  

Marble of the sacrifice to Diana

This exibit is in the Museo Archeologico Georges Vallet a Piano di Sorrento.