the Protected Marine Area

"Punta Campanella"

On 12th December 1997, the Ministry for the Environment issued a decree which created the Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella in accordance with the law on protected areas n. 394 dated 6.12.91, thus recognising the natural, scenic and historical value of this area and its need for protection whilst safeguarding its traditional economic activities.

The Protected Marine Area covers the coastal zones of the towns of Massa Lubrense, Piano di Sorrento, Positano, Sant'Agnello, Sorrento and Vico Equense. Its principal aims are to protect and valorise the biological and geomorphological resources of this area, to increase people's knowledge of marine and coastal environments and to promote a social and economic development compatible with the naturalistic and scenic vocation of the area.

In order to achieve this in the best possible way, the Protected Marine Area bas been divided into three zones:

A - fully protected reserve

B - generally protected reserve

C - partially protected reserve

This method of using zones regulates the activities permitted and forbidden in a flexible and functional way. For example, in zone A which includes the rocks of Vervece and Vetara, sailing, swimming and fishing are forbidden. In Zone B, motor boats for guided group trips and professional fishing are allowed with relative permits from the authorising bodies, whilst underwater fishing and free anchorage are not. Finally in Zone C access is allowed to low-powered motor-boats for the sole purpose of reaching suitably arranged moorings, whilst free anchorage is forbidden. The Authorities may also permit bathing, scuba diving and professional fishing with equipment that does not damage the sea beds.

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