Punta della Campanella

The very tip of the Surrentine peninsula , vertex between the Bay of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, is only 5 km away from Capri. Here there was the Greek Temple of Athena (Athenaion) later dedicated to Minerva (Promonturium Minervae). The few ruins nowadays visible belong to a roman villa of the I-II century. Few meters downhill there is Minerva Tower, built in 1334 and remade in 1567.  

Detail of terracotta showing Athena (left)

The detail of the small sized head of Athena is an example of the terracotta production, coming from the votive hollow of the Sanctuary dedicated to the goddess and located at Punta Campanella (Municipality of Massa Lubrense). The statuette to which the head belongs, was produced in two separate parts, then joined. Together with other statuettes made of terracotta (4th-2nd century b.C), it is a votive object of the sanctuary located in Capo Ateneo, built by Ulysses. The detail shown represents Athena wearing an helmet; two terracotta tablets hold decorative ear-drop. The rendering of the oval face, recalls a nicely evolved style in the manufactory of terracotta.